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Katalyst Surgical offers an extensive line of both reusable and disposable retinal Scissors.

All of our scissors lines have​​

  • Moving tube instead of moving tip. Our tips do not move away from the retina when they close

  • 32mm shaft length

ISOCLEAN™ Scissors

  • Reusable and repairable

  • Come in autoclavable tray 

  • Flushable through the back of the instrument

  • Smooooooth actuation

iQ™ Scissors

  • Reusable but not repairable

  • Comes in autoclavable tray

  • 360° handle

  • Flushable with built in luer lock

DEX™ Scissors

  • Disposable

  • Basket and slim handle styles available

  • 27ga and 25ga available with patented stiffening sleeve

  • Removable end stick, converting to a vitrector style feel

DEX TIP$™ Scissors

  • One-size-fits-all handles are reusable, reducing inventory needs in the OR

  • Basket and slim metal handle styles available

  • Both handles accommodate all tip styles and gauge sizes

  • No flushing required

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