Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, Visits Katalyst Surgical

Chesterfield Technology Company Reaches 50th Issued Patent

Katalyst™ Surgical Continues to Grow and Innovate in Surgical Instrument Field

Katalyst Surgical, LLC celebrates its 50th issued patent in just six years of operation on November 1, 2016.

Since obtaining a loan through the Missouri Technology Corporation in 2011 to boost Missouri job creation in technology, the company has grown from just 15 employees to almost 80, and offers thousands of products, many of which have patents or patents pending on their innovative designs.

“We’re excited to celebrate this milestone as a company and as a community. We aim to invent and move the industry forward, and it’s all the more rewarding knowing we have brought jobs to Chesterfield and Missouri at the same time,” said Gregg Scheller, founder and CEO Katalyst Surgical, LLC.

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Gregg Scheller Named Entrepreneur of 2015!

Congratulations Gregg Scheller!

"Entrepreneur of the Year" Award 2015

Gregg Scheller, CEO of both Katalyst Surgical and Kogent Surgical, has been named an Ernst and Young "Finalist" for the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year competition. This prestigious award recognizes the efforts of Mr. Scheller and his team, in advancing the growth of both Katalyst and Kogent Surgical.

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Gregg Scheller Named Inventory of the Year!

Congratulations Gregg Scheller!

"Inventor of the Year" Award 2015

Congratulations to Katalyst Surgical's CEO, Gregg Scheller, for being named the 2015 Bar Association of Metropolitcan St. Louis "Inventor of the Year!"

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Ophthalmic Disposable Forceps - Katalyst Surgical DEX Series

DEX™ Disposable Forceps

Creating Perfect Harmony Between the Instrument & the Surgeon...

Katalyst Surgical is proud to announce that our DEX™ Disposable Forceps are now available! This innovative instrument includes:

- Rotatable handle for actuation on any clock hour
- Shaft designed to eliminate unwanted induced traction
- Anti-shredding "3-D" tip designs with 100 gram grasping force
- Less than half the handle pressure compared to competitors
- Less than half hand movement compared to competitors
- Detachable back half ofhandle to provide selective dexterity

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Carbon Fiber Ophthalmic Instruments

Carbon Fiber Ophthalmic Instruments

6-S™ Eye Surgery Tool

Carbon Fiber Handles - optimized diameter and strength to weight ratio provide superior ergonomic comfort.

6-S™ Tip Material – this revolutionary un-bendable material prevents surgical instrument damage and ensures delicate instruments maintain their original configuration.

Chiral™ Options– Left and Right handed design options offer easier access to all clock hours. The "Center" option lies on an "Axis of Ergonomic Bliss™"
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Multi-Function Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments

Multi-Function Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments

Chimera™ Surgical Instruments

Our ophthalmic instruments have been developed to the highest quality standard in the market today.

Backed by our Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Program, Katalyst Surgical delivers longer-lasting titanium ophthalmic instruments - engineered to reduce the hassles associated with repairs.

At 50% of the price of a traditional stainless steel ophthalmic instrument, Katalyst Surgical's multi-function surgical tools dramatically reduce instrument exchange!
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MICS Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

MICS Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

ISOCLEAN™ Ophthalmic Products

A one-piece ophthalmic instrument designed to eliminate the need to keep track of extra tips while providing supreme precision. This surgical tool is designed to reduce TASS during medical procedures.

"...any residual material such as ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, cortex, or cleaning materials that remain in hand-pieces or cannulas can cause TASS"

          - Nick Mamalis, M.D.
          (Glaucoma Today, July/August 2006)

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Infusion Anesthesia Ophthalmic System

Sub Tenon's Eye Surgical Instruments

This specially designed ophthalmic instrument facilitates a safe and controlled vertical dissection of the surgical tunnel that maximizes the delivery of the injectate posteriorly and minimizes the risk of bleeding and tissue ballooning.

The Korenfeld Sub-Tenon's Injection Scissors include lower-profile vaulted blades and blunt tips for safe dissection. The 19ga Korenfeld Sub-Tenon's Infusion Cannula includes a blunt tip design that facilitates tracking down surgical tunnel and reduces the risk of tissue ballooning.

Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, Visits Katalyst Surgical

Missouri Governor Visits Katalyst Surgical!

Promoting the Leader In Ophthalmic Instrument Innovation

Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon spent most of his morning with us in an effort to promote the Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act - designed to encourage high-tech/innovative companies in Missouri.

With the help of the people of Missouri and Gov. Nixon, Katalyst Surgical received a $500,000 low-interest loan design to facilitate our research and development of cutting-edge ophthalmic instruments.

Katalyst Surgical has become an industry leader in ophthalmic instrument design, development, and innovation...more about us


All of our surgical instruments come with a 30-day money back guarantee

Our No Risk Guarantee

ALL Katalyst Surgical instruments come with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Any instrument that does not meet your expectations for function, quality or style may be returned with no restocking fees.

A Katalyst Surgical Titanium Ophthalmic Instrument Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee!

Titanium Ophthalmic Instruments

Most of our ophthalmic surgical instruments are made of lightweight, rust/corrosion proof, non-magnetic titanium. At Katalyst Surgical, we pride ourselves in providing high quality, durable surgical instruments.

Our Titanium Surgical Instruments Come With The Lifetime Replacement Program

Lifetime Replacement Program

All of our titanium ophthalmic surgical instruments come with our Unlimited Lifetime Replacement (ULR) Program at no additional cost! The ULR Program is intended to eliminate the hassles associated with repairs by providing unlimited broken instrument replacements at 50% off!

Katalyst Surgical is ISO 13485 Certified

Our Commitment To Quality - ISO 13485 Certified

Katalyst Surgical's manufacturing process and state-of-the-art quality lab has been certified to comply with the provisions of ISO 13485 for the medical device industry. For more information about our commitment to quality, feel free to contact one of our quality representatives.

Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Repair Program (RIP)

Repair Improvement Program (RIP)

Join Katalyst Surgical's exclusive Repair Improvement Program (RIP) and turn in your old, damaged ophthalmic surgical instruments for Katalyst's superior titanium product design and quality. Learn More...

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