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used surgical instrument repair & restoration...

Ophthalmic Instrument Repair Lab Katalyst Surgical is committed to ensuring quality and performance throughout the life of every ophthalmic surgical instrument.  Our commitment to quality does not end after an instrument is purchased. With our instrument repair program, our customers can be sure that every instrument functions properly and is available when you need it!
Our repair/restoration facility & experienced staff...
Our skilled professionals and trained instrument makers will repair your surgical instruments to a "like new" condition, quickly and conveniently. Both our manufacturing and repair facilities utilize identical precision equipment to give our customers a repaired product that matches the quality and standards of the original.

Lifetime Repairs Program
Wouldn't it be great to eliminate virtually all of your instrument repair costs?
Instrument repair expenses often represent over 65% of the instrument's initial purchase price. Katalyst Surgical's Lifetime Repairs Program gives you FREE sharpening, straightening of tips, common maintenance/repairs for the life of the instrument. Qualified Ophthalmic Instrument Repair Service
  • - Are your Utrata or Tying Forceps out of alignment?
  • - Do your Westcott or Vannas Scissors need to be sharpened?
  • - Do your Needle Holders hold suture improperly?
  • - Has your surgeon bent any Sinskey Hooks lately?
  • Lifetime maintenance/repairs for free!
  • Covers common maintenance, such as sharpening & straightening
  • Eliminate high repair costs
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Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Program (ULR)
Replace your broken & unusable instruments for 50% off!
All of our titanium ophthalmic surgical instruments come with our ULR program at no additional cost. All broken or unrepairable items covered under the Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Program can be sent back to us for a NEW replacement at 50% off the original price!
  • No more instrument repairs!
  • Eliminate approval delays
  • Eliminate repair paperwork
  • Avoid the hassle of tracking repairs back into surgical rotation
  • Eliminate expedited shipping cost to/from repair facilities
See Limitations & Exclusions Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Repair by Katalyst Surgical!
Repair Improvement Program (RIP)
Upgrade to our innovative instruments and receive 25% off!
Turn in your old, damaged instruments to upgrade to Katalyst Surgical's superior product design and quality.
  • Interested in new technology?
  • Turn in old damaged instruments
  • Upgrade to a superior design
  • Receive 25% off the new instrument price
Standard Repair
Our repair/restoration facility repairs not only Katalyst Surgical instruments, but also instruments manufactured by other companies.
  • Reliable, qualified ophthalmic instrument repairs
  • Competitive brand cataract and retina instruments
  • Returned with a pre-paid shipping box for your next repair
  • Contact us for a repair estimate!
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