Always one step ahead

Stiff DEX™

  • 55X stiffer than traditional 27ga
  • Automatically Retracting Stiffening Sleeve that allows a standard 32mm shaft length - patent numbers 9,138,346 and 9,757,274
  • 100 gram grasping power
  • Short stroke
  • Removable end stick
  • 360° rotation
  • Sold in boxes of 5, sterile

REVOLVER™ Laser probe

  • Reusable laser probe handpiece with sterilization tray
  • Reusable universal laser connector
  • Disposable fiber works with any gauge size and tip style
  • Drastically reduce OR stock and cost
  • Available in straight, flexible curved and steerable™ handpieces
  • Handpieces and connectors sold individually
  • Fiber sold in boxes of 10, sterile

Laser probe handpiece

MultiFlex™ Laser Probes

MultiFlex™ Laser Probes

  • Fixed fiber, moving shaft, curved down
  • Fixed fiber, moving shaft, curved up
  • Moving fiber, fixed shaft, curved down
  • Moving fiber, fixed shaft, curved up

Ciliprobe™ TSCPC Probe

  • For transscleral cyclophotocoagulation
  • Compatible with existing laser systems:
    • Iridex iQ 810™
    • Oculight® SL
    • Oculight® SLx
    • Quantel Supra
  • Footplate designed specifically for procedure
  • Sold in boxes of 5, sterile
Ciliprobe™ TSCPC Probe

Maeno-Awh Super Manipulator

  • Silicone tip with a sphere at the end used to manipulate tissue
  • Features a T-Tube™ (patent #9,775,943) that improves the instrument's ability to move soft tips through valved cannulas.
  • Features a Black Silicone™ tip which allows for better visualization when compared to traditional silicone tips
  • Sold in boxes of 5, sterile

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