Holekamp Soft Tip Drip Dropper™

(5/box, sterile, disposable)

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Name: Holekamp Soft Tip Drip Dropper™
Item #: DV1200-20
The Holekamp Drip Droppers™ were designed to provide controlled intravitreal injection of dyes, steroids, PFCL's, and other liquids.

Atraumatic flexible silicone tip, with a T-Tube™ and Black Silicone™. The Black Silicone™ tip allows for better visualization when compared to traditional silicone tips. The T-Tube™ (patented) improves the instrument’s ability to move into the trocar cannula.

5/box, sterile, disposable. Available in 20ga, 23ga, 25ga, 27ga.

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