iQ™ Series - Retina Surgical Forceps (Posterior)

Retinal Ophthalmic Forceps (iQ™ Series)

About The iQ™ Series
  • 30 years of design refinement behind this development
  • Ultra-low, non metallic bushing design
  • Low force
  • Short stroke
  • Low glare
  • Through-lumen for cleaning, infusion/aspiration of fluids
  • One-piece-tips react to every movement of handle. Handle is completely round when the instrument is fully closed
  • New tip designs
  • Sharp edges at end of instrument
  • Radiused edges at back from tip to minimize shredding
  • Larger grasping surfaces
  • See-to-the-tip designs
  • Extra-long shafts for high-myopes
  • Super-stiff shaft materials unique to Katalyst for 25ga instruments offering up to a 50% improvement in shaft stiffness
  • Patent pending
  • Lower cost
  • Autoclavable